In Baptism we joyfully welcome new members into God's family of the Church. 

For parents seeking to have their children baptised, the first step is to speak to the Parish Priest at Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury. 


If you would like to hold your wedding ceremony at Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury, please contact the Parish Priest in the first instance. Six months notice is normally required.

For the Sick

If you know of anyone who has been admitted to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and would like to be visited by a member of the Roman Catholic Chaplaincy Team, contact the Ecumenical Hospital Service on 01603 287470. The team will need to know the patient's name, ward, confirmation that he/she is a Roman Catholic and how urgent the request of a visit is.


In this sacrament young people recognise the presence of the Holy Spirit calling out the fullness of Christian life

For further guidance about Confirmation, contact the Parish Priest.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available after each Mass on request. 

First Holy Communion

Please contact the Parish Priest for details about Catechism classes for Catholic children. 


Please ask your funeral director to contact Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury as soon as possible so that arrangements can be put in place.